Sandra Lloyd

UX Designer specializing in complex information environments.

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People say I'm exceptionally curious, compassionate, and determined. I'm a designer specializing in information architecture, end-to-end experiences, and solving messy problems. My perspective is diverse; before I was a designer, I worked as a professional musician, in healthcare, and in financial services. Although I'm a skilled generalist, I particularly enjoy content strategy, UX writing, user research and synthesis, interaction design, and usability testing. My strengths are strategic thinking, service design, and discovering insights from data.


What I Do

Design strategy

Information architecture • Content strategy • User research, synthesis and insights • UX writing • Pattern libraries

User-centered design

Service design • End-to-end experiences • Design thinking • Workshop creation and facilitation

Interaction design

Storyboarding and journey mapping • Flows • Prototyping and iterating • Usability testing

Working with humans

Collaboration • Leadership & mentoring • Asking questions • Public speaking

Case studies

Recent Projects

About me

Some strengths: understanding challenges from all angles, seeing around corners, solving difficult problems, and being extremely curious!

Outside of work: woodworking, Buddhism, working out, and enjoying life with my dogs. I’m always up for trying new things. I read the description placards at museums. I’m constantly learning, googling and asking questions.

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Other stuff

Things that aren't case studies that you might be interested to know that I do

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