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Overview sentence that describes on a high level what the project accomplished.

Who this was for

  • Users: Who was the target user?
  • Client: Who was the client?

Obstacles & Opportunities

Obstacle name • Challenge faced by you, the team, the client or the project. Obstacle name • Another challenge faced by you, the team, the client or the project. Obstacle name • A possible third challenge faced by you, the team, the client or the project.

My role

The name of my role and the high-level things I was responsible for.


  • Project manager (1)
  • UX designer (2)
  • Visual designer (1)

Skills I used

Content strategy • Designed and conducted content audit • User research • Designed and wrote research study • Defined recruiting criteria • Designed and wrote screeners • Conducted interviews • Synthesized research • Created and moderated open card sort • Information architecture • Taxonomy • Wireframes • User flows • Interaction design • Usability testing

Tools I used

Paper, Pencil, and Brain • Printer & Scissors • Omnigraffle • Invision • Adobe Illustrator • Photoshop • InDesign • Excel • PowerPoint • SurveyMonkey • Adobe Cloud Library


What was the challenge?

Once upon a time...

  • There was a lorem ipsum.
  • And every day, dolor sit amet.
  • Until one day, consectitur adipiscing elit.
  • And lorem happened, and ipsum happened.
  • And ever since then, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


And then what happened?!


Overview of the research we did.

  • Step 1 of research.
  • Step 2 of research.
  • Step 3 of research.

IA and wires

IA and wires

Sentence summarizing what we did with IA and wires.

  • IA step 1
  • IA step 2
  • IA step 3

Design system

Sentence summarizing the design system or process used.

Some more detail on the design system, if needed.


Sentence describing prototype.

  • Detail about prototype
  • Another detail about prototype.

Usability testing

Sentence giving overview of usability testing.

  • Usability detail 1.
  • Usability detail 2.
  • Usability detail 3.

What next?

Sentence describing what happened after design.

Maybe another detail.


Sentence describing results.

Some metrics and data here.

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