Case Study: Customer Service Design

Empowering customer service reps to provide maximum value.


A regional telecom company and Fjord came together as one team around a collaborative, service design approach to transforming the CRM system used by their sales and customer care representatives.

Who this was for

  • Sales and care reps at a regional telecom company. The company's goal was to increase sales volume and customer satisfaction.

Obstacles & Opportunities

Limited scope • Limited timeline, despite the need for a major overhaul of an outdated CRM system, meant that we set expectations, prioritized, and got creative! • Fantastic client • Believed in service design, gave us ample access to stakeholders and users, and cared sincerely about their company, users, and employees.

My role

Service designer, user researcher, workshop facilitator


  • Project manager (1)
  • Service designer (2)
  • Visual designer (1)

Skills I used

Content strategy • Designed and conducted content audit • User research • Designed and wrote research study • Defined recruiting criteria • Conducted interviews • Synthesized research • Workshop design • Workshop facilitation • Wireframes • User flows

Tools I used

Paper, Pencil, and Brain • Printer & Scissors • Photoshop • Excel • PowerPoint


What happened?

We started with interviews.

We spent time meeting with stakeholders and reps to learn what was important to them, then sat with the reps at their desks to learn about their biggest frustrations with the current system.

And then?!

service design workshops

We held several service design workshops throughout the three weeks we were on site with the client. In these, we aligned on direction and received and gave valuable input into what would produce the best experience for the reps and for the company.

Together, we identified the two most important task flows we needed to improve so as to help reps do their jobs better and faster.

Co-creation of base flows

We collaborated with sales and care representatives to co-create the two workflows that would improve efficiency and increase revenue most: one for sales, and one for customer care.

Using post-its, we started with the steps of the flow we knew from our research. Then, the reps (users and subject matter experts) helped us fill in the details, correct any errors, and identify other potential wins we hadn't considered.


With the flows and other input from the reps, we started sketching and iterated with feedback sessions. This led to concepts delivered in wireframe form. After going home, we applied visual design to the concepts.

Given the scope and budget of the project, we agreed this was the best place to stop in order to maximize the value the client received from our work. The client’s next step would be to take the product to be developed separately.

The result

The stakeholders and reps were thrilled with our process rooted in collaboration and the final product, which would change the way reps do their daily jobs. We delivered flows that will increase efficiency and sales, while teaching them about the service design process along the way.

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